Call from Abroad using Story international access numbers

Use your calling credit when you travel outside the UK!

Story Text & Talk & e-Topup topup credit can be used from different countries around the world. If you wish to make a call while abroad, simply dial the appropriate access number, followed by your destination number in a full format (including the country and area codes) and finish with #.

Access Numbers

Country Local Access No Local Access No Surcharge Free Phone Access No Free Phone Access No Surcharge
Landline PayPhone Mobile
Argentina 01159843997 3p
Brazil 02127306911 6p
Belgium 034003241 1p 080038945 2p 13p 22p
Chile 025994982 6p
France 0176767600 1p 0805102540 1.5p 5p n/a
Germany 06922225290
1p 08005891136 1.5p 15.5p 10p
Ireland 012476155 1p 1800936263 1.5p 16p 21.5p
Israel 037219686 3p
Italy 0236046777 1p 800977672 2p 8p 20p
Japan 0350505016 3p
Netherlands 0207139151 1p 08000204679 2p 18.5p 25.5p
New Zealand 099291786 2p
South Africa 0110197083 6p
Spain 914149940 1p 900809106 1.5p 5p 25p
Switzerland 0445806000 1p 0800001884 1.5p 5.5p 11p
UK 03445450030 0 08006511000 1p 10p 1p
USA     18668844662 2p 37.5p 2p

Note: Costs are shown in pence per minute and are in addition to Text &Talk & e-Topup rates and roaming charges.

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