About us

Story Telecom was founded in December 2002 & since then we’ve been providing cheap innovative, cost-effective telephony solutions to residential and business customers in the UK and beyond. We specialise mainly, though not exclusively, in cheap international prepaid telecommunications.

Today Story Telecom is one of the fastest growing telecom companies in the UK and a recognised brand name with a loyal customer base and a wide range of reliable and competitive products on offer. Our prepaid card range is available in 35,000 retail locations throughout the UK. We currently hold a major share of the UK’s prepaid telephony market and we’re a leader in the provision of cheap international calls from mobiles, with 300,000 regular users.

We put our success down to:

  • our ability to spot market trends before the competition
  • our knack of identifying niche market needs and meeting them
  • our superb in-house product development and marketing staff
  • our innovative approach to marketing and distribution
  • and the unrivalled telecoms experience of our team
  • Unlike our main competitors, we focus chiefly on the mobile phone market, introducing user-friendly and reliable products that help our customers save money